Numbering plan
Numbering Plan
In order to fulfill the increasing amounts of mobile users in Egypt,The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) decided that all mobile numbers in Egypt will automatically gain an extra digit.

The change will only impact mobile numbers in Egypt. Short codes, Hotlines and landlines will not be affected by the change.

To see the new numbering plan and how your numbers will be affected
Don't worry about yout phone book contacts, etisalat provides you with several solutions to assist you in overcoming the new numbering change:

In case you do not find your handset in the list of compatibility devices or require assistance in converting your phone book contacts mobile number to the new numbering format, please visit your nearest etisalat store, i2, Raya, 2B, IT Store or BITS & BYTES for assistance.

All calls made using the old formatting will be dropped and you will hear an announcement telling you try again using the new format the number change
Anyone dialling from outside Egypt will hear an automated message reminding them to redial with the added digit yet the call will go through. The international code for Egypt (+20) will not be affected.
Yes the new change will affect all dials related services such as SMS, MMS, Video calls, preferred numbers, e-recharge and balance transfer etc..
By calling 8787 for free
Emergency numbers will remain unchanged.
Yes, there is a desktop application that only converts the SIM card contacts. You can download it from the Web site or visit our Retail store to assist you with the desktop application