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That’s simply what Etisalat is about! We seek to create a future where your reach is not limited by time, matter or distance. That’s exactly why we are busy developing some of the world’s most advanced networks and constantly adding value to them. To help the flow of thoughts and ideas. For the individual and the enterprise. To help you accelerate your growth. To help you reach your potential.
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Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility is a commitment from corporations to be ethical and contribute to the social and economic development of the society they operate within. CSR is slowly gaining energy in Egypt and the region and Etisalat Misr is one of the leading companies in the CSR arena.
We continue to invest in our mobile application portfolio. Today, we aim to enable all visually impaired consumers to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues no matter where they are.
Etisalat is the official sponsor of the Egyptian Paralympics committee, this sponsorship comes from the belief Etisalat has that sports is a right for all. Etisalat is committed to fully supporting these champions and promoting their triumphs and achievements to make Egyptians proud.
This is the special tariff for users of sign language. The hearing impaired and those with special needs can use video calls at reduced prices. This innovation will enable hundreds of thousands of Egyptians to use mobile phones with sign language, many of them for the first time relying on Etisalat’s sophisticated technology and wide 3G coverage
is a nation-wide project Etisalat has devised to counter Egypt’s water dilemma. The initiative is in partnership with the giant international organization "Care" as well as renowned Egyptian non-governmental organizations
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    Etisalat is entitled to reach all web users to help them modify their web browsers and operating system for an easy experience.
Press Releases
Release date 28/06/2009
As part of its "Origin" initiative: Etisalat sponsors field visits to increase students' Awareness and knowledge on the importance of water, its resources, and conservation
In continuation of its corporate social responsibility projects, and as part of the "Origin" initiative which it launched last March, addressing water problems in 7 governorates, Etisalat Misr announced its sponsorship of the awareness campaigns that Abou El Nomros Environmental science Center for 500 students from 6th primary stage.