Flous service wallet
Mobile money transactions on the go… Your phone now transfers money with Flous
A revolutionary step in mobile commerce, ‘Flous’ makes all other financial procedures obsolete. Money has changed forms many times throughout history. From bartering chickens, to using seashells, up until checks and credit cards, the history of money has been colorful, to say the least.

As always, Etisalat thinks about every possible way to make your life easier. This is why we offer you a comprehensive range of services, where practicality and technology meets to bring you the best of connecting facilities.

It’s Easy, fast and secure…
  • Easy, fast and secure, Etisalat Flous is currently accessible 24/7 directly from your phone.
  • There’s no need to carry cash on you anymore because your phone is now your wallet with Flous.
  • All you need is a PIN every time you want to carry out a transaction, and we will make sure to transfer your money safely to whatever destination you want.
  • The service works on any mobile phone from the basic phone to the latest and most sophisticated mobile device and is easily accessible from your phone menu in Arabic or English.
  • Just dial *777# or call 778 to access the menu

For now
You will be able to send and receive money to/from your friends and family members and cash it out from any Etisalat store or National Bank of Egypt branches across Egypt.

Later stages
  • Pay for goods and services at your local merchants or any big international chains
  • Pay your utility bills or car parking
  • Send and receive money through your Flous account to any bank account in Egypt and soon even internationally
  • Top up your Etisalat line
  • Get salary or allowances paid directly to your Flous account
  • Perform Cash in/Cash out activities at Flous dealer locations and ATMs
Registering for Flous service is as easy as the service itself. Etisalat customers can sign-up for the new service by going to any Etisalat store or National Bank of Egypt Branch to fill out a registration form with only a valid ID.
To start using Flous service please contact the call center on 333 and answer the validation questions and then you will be directed to set your new Mobile PIN that will be used in all transactions. In response to your information Etisalat will confirm that your account is fully activated.
  • Go to any Etisalat store or National Bank of Egypt branch.
  • Provide the agent with your phone number.
  • Fill out a form with the amount you need to cash in.
  • Agent will transfer the requested amount to your Flous account.
  • Once the transaction is completed, you will receive an SMS confirming the amount cashed in.
  • Dial *777# or call 778 and choose Balance inquiry
  • Enter your PIN, then the Balance will appear instantly
  • Go to *777# and choose “send money” then enter your PIN and the amount you need to transfer and the mobile number you want to transfer twice.
  • You will get notified instantly and then both parties will receive an SMS confirming the transaction
  • Go to any Etisalat store or National Bank of Egypt branch
  • Dial *777# or call 778 and choose “Cash out request” then enter the PIN.
  • Ask any Agent for the branch code.
  • Enter the branch or merchant code and the cash out amount
  • Inform the agent that you have done the request and provide him your mobile number with the needed amount for cash out.
  • Once transaction is complete, you will receive an SMS confirmation and the Agent will give you the cash you requested.
  • Go to *777# or call 778 then choose Transactions history
  • Enter your PIN, and the latest transactions will appear instantly
  • Go to *777# or call 778 and then choose account administration
  • Choose change your PIN, then enter the old PIN
  • You will have to enter your new PIN twice to confirm
  • Go to *777# then choose account administration
  • Choose your preferred language to confirm