Multiplayer gaming
Multiplayer Games
Sick and tired of playing alone, or against the mobile? Look no further. With Etisalat, you can have multiple players in a single game depending on the game. With Etisalat Mobile Portal, you can download and play the latest games to hit the market. Some of these games are 3D, allowing you to experience and enjoy the game to the max.
  • How do I connect to multiplayer games?
  • Insert your SIM card and you'll receive a welcome message to allow you to log on to the mobile portal
  • Save the setting and then go to the mobile portal to log on for our games section. There you will find our selection of multiplayer games
  • Select your game of choice
  • You will be charged for the game and then you may download it
  • After opening the game, you have the option to select against others who are online at the same time