MyLine Tariff plan
For the first time in Egypt, MyLine empowers you with the flexibility to customize & create your own tariff plan, to suit your usage & lifestyle.

With MyLine, pay only for what you need!

What Is ?
With MyLine enjoy Unlimited Calling to all Etisalat numbers!

MyLine grants you the empowerment to choose from our wide variety of SAVING packs across four main sections outlined below.

All SAVING packs will be directly added to your main bundle, offering you 1,200 minutes to Etisalat & 60 Local minutes, in exchange for 35 LE/Month.

Enjoy unlimited calls to Etisalat & choose the optimum number of local minutes that suit your needs.

300 Local minutes
(40 LE/Month)
660 Local minutes
(80 LE/Month)
1500 Local minutes
(150 LE/Month)
Benefit from unlimited browsing on your data line and get the GBs you need for streaming & downloading.

3.5 GB
(40 LE/Month)
6.5 GB
(80 LE/Month)
13 GB
(150 LE/Month)
(including 2GB unlimited browsing & E-Mail)
Stay connected with your friends & surf the internet on the move by choosing from our Unlimited Social Networking sites, Blackberry services, & Mobile Internet MBs.

Unlimited + 1 GB
(20 LE/Month)
Unlimited + 2.5 GB
(40 LE/Month)
Unlimited +5 GB
(60 LE/Month)
Blackberry® As7aby plus
(40 LE/Month)
Blackberry® Complete
(60 LE/Month)
Get extra exclusive boosters such as Free local number, International & roaming benefits, Unlimited SMSs…etc that match your lifestyle.

Free number
(10 LE/Month)
(10 LE/Month)
400MB Extra Data
(For internet line)
(10 LE/Month)
1.99 LE International
calling rate
1 LE Unlimited
Roaming receiving rate
1,000 SMS to
Etisalat or 100 Local
(10 LE/Month)
My Calls Manager
(10 LE/Month)

You can also directly choose from our "Best Sellers":

Karim chose:
  • 1200 Minutes to Etisalat & 60 local minutes (35 LE)
  • 1 Free Number (10 LE)
  • Unlimited Facebook & Twitter & Whats App from his mobile (10 LE)
Omar chose:
  • 1200 Minutes to Etisalat & 60 local minutes (35 LE)
  • 660 additional local minutes (80 LE)
  • BlackBerry® As7aby Plus Service -with unlimited BBM- (40 LE)
Noha chose:
  • 1200 Minutes to Etisalat & 60 local minutes (35 LE)
  • 3.5 GB for Internet Line -including 2GB unlimited browsing- (40 LE)
  • Unlimited Facebook & Twitter & WhatsApp from her mobile (10 LE)
Don't forget, you are also empowered to customize the above "Best-Sellers" to better suit your lifestyles & needs.
With MyLine you are also free to choose your most preferred method of payment:
  • My Line Open Bill: With the option to set a maximum limit for any additional charges after consuming saving packs (limit of 50 LE or 100 LE).
  • My Line Control: Enjoy the postpaid bill experience with a predefined total bill value & you can use scratch cards for additional usage (total of 100 LE or 200 LE).

  • If you are a new customer:
  • If you are an existing Ahlan/MiniMix/Club/Ahly Control customer:
    • Please visit the nearest Etisalat outlet, Just make sure you have 150 LE in your balance to be deducted as a security deposit & refunded after 6 Months upon eligibility.
  • If you are an existing Green Line/Options customer:
    • Please call customer care on 900
    • Please visit the nearest Etisalat outlet.
    • A Migration Fee of 50LE will apply.

  • IVR 600.
  • USSD *600#.
  • Customer Care 900.
  • These tools will enable you to:
    • Subscribe to any saving pack.
    • Unsubscribe from / modify any saving pack.
    • Inquire about your consumed units.
    • Subscribe to one of our recommended best seller combinations.

  • You will receive an SMS notification every month with your bill amount & payment due date. To receive a FREE detailed bill on your email, register through SelfCare.
  • All selected saving packs will be automatically renewed.
  • You can change your saving pack only once per month.
  • You cannot choose the same Saving Pack again within the same month In case your line has a limit and it has been fully consumed, you can still use it. Just recharge your line & benefit from normal charges until the end of the month.
  • In case you choose no saving packs, the following rates will apply:
    • Additional Minute Rate: 19 pt (to any mobile or landline in Egypt).
    • Additional SMS: 30 pt (to any mobile in Egypt).
    • Additional MBs are charged for 1.25 LE/day granting you 6 MBs for free. In addition to Megabytes Plus which grants you 25 additional MBs to be used from 6:00 PM till noon.
      To subscribe, send an empty sMS to 808.

For MyLine detailed guidelines, Click Here