Tell, sell and win
Tell, Sell and win
Game description
It's a game where you win points by recommending Etisalat products to your friends and family members.
  • First join the application
  • Then check our products and select the one that best suits your friend
  • Recommend the product or service to your friends and family members
  • You earn points when your friend/family member buys Etisalat product that you told them about
  • You also earn points when your friend/family member refers Etisalat products to other friends in his or her network and they also successfully buy….. (up to 3 levels)
  • Points are calculated on a monthly basis for winning the monthly prizes
  • There are 11 winners per month for the highest achievers; to be eligible for the first prize you must reach 5000 points as a minimum. (if there is a draw we will select the winners by a pull)
  • Points are re-set every month for the next monthly competition
Important notes:
  • When you send an invitation to your friend, he or she will receive an activation code; he or she must enter this code after the purchase along with the new line number, so that you both receive the points
  • If your friends buy a product you will both get the same points (level one). If his friends buy a product you are level two in this purchase. (Max three levels)
  • If you bought a new product you can first and before the buying action recommend it to yourself, and in this case you will get the points once and not twice. (Max lines for each customer are 10 lines to register)