Mini call
Mini Call
Mini Call is a quick and easy service through which you’ll be able to say what you want to whomever you want and at the time that you want.
  • Send Voice SMS as a call
  • Mini Call with music backgrounds
  • Mini Call Forward
  • Send Mini Call to group
  • Listen to old or new Mini Calls
  • Notification when Mini Call is heard
  • Schedule a Mini Call
All you have to do is dial * followed by the dial number and record your message.

Action Dial
Initiate a Mini Call Dial * followed by the recipient number
For example: *0111234333
To check your new Mini Call messages dial*0*
To listen to an old Mini Call dial*1*
Retrieve an old Mini Call dial 573
To be notified when your Mini Call is heard
To disable being notified when your Mini Call is heard
Language selection
dial 300
  • The local Mini Call: 29 pt
  • Adding background music: 10 pt
  • Listen to old Messages: normal minute rate
  • Call IVR 300: 29 pt/min