MiniMix Tariff plan
With the new Mini Mix Package
Enjoy phone calls to any Etisalat number, Mobile internet and unlimited USB Modem for FREE

Service Price
Monthly fees 89 L.E/month
Sales tax inclusive
Calls to any Etisalat number FREE / Unlimited
Super Speed internet from the data line FREE / Unlimited
Mobile internet FREE
Free Calls to any mobile or landline in Egypt 45 min/month
Extra minutes rate 19 pt.
To join Mini Mix from your prepaid line please call 525 from your prepaid line or visit the nearest Etisalat store or any of the exclusive dealers

  • 1500 min/month to any Etisalat number at any time during the day without restrictions
  • 1 GB internet limit for the Super Speed USB Modem, after exceeding the limit the speed will be decreased to 64Kbps , to know your current consumption, press *558*5#
  • 100 Mbps Mobile internet for free, after exceeding the limit 25 Pt/MB applies

Stamp tax:
Dear Customer, please note that starting from March 2012, 51pt will be deducted from your balance monthly as Stamp tax.

  • In case of not enough credit covering the whole 51pt, the available amount will be deducted and the rest will be deducted upon the next recharge done by you.
  • Also in case of not enough balance during the whole month, the 51pt stamp tax will be carried over to the next month and will be deducted beside the new month due amount.

Stamp tax is being delivered totally to the Taxation authority