Call tone
Sama3ny Call tone
Sama3ny Call tone service will change your perception about call tone. It will let your callers hear various call tones instead of the normal beep.

The call tone service became easier and different. You can reach the call tone through many channels:
  • You can browse and listen to our latest and top call tone categories, like National, Folkloric, English, Islamic, and much more.
  • You can record the song or message you want “Karaoke Call tone” with your own voice.
  • You can copy call tones from your friends or gift call tones to them.
  • You can set a call tone to hear it by yourself or assign for a special number.
  • Enjoy our new call tone experience with a fast and easy way
  • Browse our different categories
  • You can also use our express codes to download, gift, or delete a call tone or even unsubscribe the service:
    Express USSD Operation
    *15*tone code# Download
    *15*1*tone code# Delete
    *15*3*tone code* phone number# Gift
    *15*5# Unsubscribe
  • Check out our categories and latest hits.
  • View your profile and edit your personal information.
  • Manage your settings and library.
  • Upload your favorite song and set it as your default call tone “Karaoke call tone”.
  • Link your profile to your Facebook profile so any operation done on the WEB will appear on your Facebook profile.
  • Go to website.
  • You can also find us on Facebook through our application “Sama3ny”.
  • You can browse our latest call tones and download or gift them.
  • You can also Like and Share your favorite tones on your own profile.
  • Go to App.
  • You can browse our various call tone categories.
  • You can manage your settings and library.
  • You can download, copy, and gift call tones.
  • You can suspend/resume or unsubscribe the service.
  • Go to Mobile Portal.
  • You can download your favorite call tone by sending its code to 1500
  • You can also do many other operations by sending SMS commands:
    Operation Command
    Set call tone as Default Set+space+tone code
    Set call tone as personal Personal+space+tone code+space+phone number
    Renew call tone Renew+space+tone code
    Browse recommended songs Recommend
    Browse latest uploads New
    Browse top call tones Top
    Querying by code Code+space+tone code
    Querying by name Song+space+tone name
    Browse by singer name Singer+space+singer name
    Suspend the service Suspend
    Resume the service Resume
    Getting help information H
    Change receiving messages language Lang+space+4
    Copy a call tone Copy+space+phone number
    Gift a call tone Gift+space+tone code+space+phone number
    Query call tones Query

With "Sama3ny" Call tone, you can enjoy the following:

You can browse our different call tone categories and choose among them your favorite call tone and set it as default.
You can gift call tones to your friends
You can assign a call tone to be heard by a special number.
You can specify the time of playing your call tone.
You can record a song/message with your own voice and set it as your default call tone (Terms and Conditions applied).
If you are calling someone and liked his call tone, press the star key while listening to the tone in order to get it.
You can set more than one call tone as default at the same time, and every time you’re called a different call tone will be played.
You can set a call tone that you can hear it when you call anyone.
You can prevent some numbers from hearing your call tone.

Unsubscribe the Etisalat Call Tone Service:
  • Call 1500.
  • Dial *15*5# and to delete a call tone dial *15*1*tonecode#
  • Visit our website or Facebook application and go to “My Account”.
  • Visit our mobile portal through your mobile phone and go to “Manage call tones”.
  • Send “un” by SMS to 1600
  • All SMS commands regarding deleting call tones or settings and also unsubscribing the service will be sent to 1600. Commands are:
    Operation Command
    Delete default setting Delsetting+space+tone code
    Delete personal setting Delpersonal+space+phone number+space+tone code
    Delete call tone settings Delsetting+space+tone code
    Unsubscribe the service Un