iPhone Price & Support
IPhone 5S & iPhone 5C
Be the first to buy the new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C from Etisalat and enjoy free internet for one full year, for postpaid and prepaid tarrifs and get:
  • 1GB each month for 12 months
  • After free Mobile Internet consumption, charging will be as per normal run on rates (25 pt / MB)
  • Offer applies on new and existing customers
  • SIM must be kept in handset in order to enjoy the offer
*Bundle is available at Etisalat stores only
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  • Buy your factory Unlocked iPhone5 or iPad now from or Etisalat shops.
  • Enjoy exclusive money back on your monthly bill with service.
  • "More" customers can redeem their points directly through .
Available for limited period of time till the quantity is out of stock
iPhone 5:
5777 LE 16 GB Black / White
6777 LE 32 GB Black / White

Buy from
or Etisalat shops
iPhone 5S:
6,666 LE 16 GB

iPhone 5C:
5,299 LE 16 GB

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iPhone plans
Money back
postpaid plans
Minutes (per month) 2,000 min
(to any Etisalat
300 min
(to any local
2,700 min
(to any local
SMS (per month) 300 sms 500 sms
Data (MB per month) 500 MB 2,000 MB
Moneyback discount
(over 12 months)
1,000 LE 1,500 LE
Roaming receiving rate 1 LE 1 LE
International calling rate 1.99 LE
*price is applicable to all destinations except Satellite
Fair Usage Reset* 20 LE / 250 MB 30 LE / 1 GB
Minutes (per month) 400 min 100 min
SMS (per month) 50 sms 300 sms
Data (MB per month) 250 MB 500 MB
Roaming receiving rate 2 LE 2 LE
International calling rate Normal Prices
Eligible to Kol el donia service
Fair Usage Reset* 20 LE / 250 MB 20 L.E / 250 MB
15% tax exclusive for monthly fee
  • Fair usage reset option applies for iPhone postpaid rate planes only
  • iPhone Prepaid rate plans are charged 0.25 P.T / MB after reaching the Fair usage cap

Yearly plans
Minutes (per month) 30 min
Data (MB per month) 100 MB
Roaming receiving rate 2 LE
International calling rate Normal prices/ Eligible to Kol el donia service
    Extra information
  • Extra minute rate: 19 pt/min
  • Extra SMS: 30 pt/SMS